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HTML and CSS validators

Throughout all of my projects I have had one consistent problem: problems with my HTML and CSS style sheets. It would take me much longer to complete my assignments because I would have errors in my HTML that would ultimately affect my CSS. The worst part was that the errors were so hard to spot out, even after combing through all of my code for hours, there were still things that I couldn’t fix. I found that the best solution for this problem is to put my code through an HTML validator such as this one

For specific problems with CSS you can check out this site

Using validators makes finding and fixing the errors in code so much easier and faster. Validators can fix any errors in elements such as tags, image sources, headers, footers, titles and so on. It can also fix errors in web design elements such as colors, font, background, images, alignment and so on.

For most validators you can directly input the code and it will show you how many errors you have, where they are, and how to fix them. You can also copy and paste your website into the validator and it will highlight the errors on your page. This is such a simple way to solve issues with HTML and this is also useful for anyone who has problems with their CSS. You can compare and contrast HTML and CSS code to fix a content or web design problem, and to see why something on HTML isn’t corresponding with CSS.

Although fixing the errors yourself is the best way to learn, if you don’t have the time to spare I definitely recommend using the links above to help you with your glitches. So if you have an issue with your code and you have no idea what it is, plug it into the validator and it will simply fix it for you. It makes your life a whole lot easier and saves you a great deal of time. 

Intern Queen

I learned a lot of things from hearing Lauren Berger speak about her experience interning throughout her college career. When I heard how she had obtained an internship during her freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year of college, I was frustrated with myself because I realized i could have been doing the same thing. She preached about never taking no for an answer. She explained how we as students need to keep striving for our goals, especially with how the economy is doing today.

Email, call, send your resume over day of, HAND write thank you letters, and the never give up attitude were all very useful tips and techniques on how to land an internship. Make contact. Lauren Berger has been through 15 internships, so I consider her advice to be expert advice. She has worked with several famous companies such as Us Weekly where Ken Baker sent her on a paid trip to Barbados to get information on a fight between Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen.

What she was trying to emphasize is if you keep trying long enough, someone will reach out to you. She explained that being a student is an advantage because people WANT to help us. She explains that sometimes all it takes is a simple email, asking for 5 minutes of that person’s time, a cup of coffee, advice or anything of that nature to build good connections and get ahead. The most important thing is to remain involved. Take risks because if you don’t take the risk then you don’t allow yourself the opportunity to succeed. Just because we are young does not mean we can’t get there. Take some initiative, and even if it means spending time answering phones and writing letters, never lose sight on what you came to accomplish.  

Lauren Berger has a website 

She has graciously welcomed all students to email her anytime they have a question or seek advice.  Lauren Berger is an incredible motivational speaker and she has certainly lead by example. She is a real inspiration, 

Something I experimented with on Photoshop

Something I experimented with on Photoshop

The Meaning of Color

Meaning of the Color Yellow

Yellow can mean a lot of different things in our culture. Here is a list of things i found from


Typical Meanings & Symbolism of the Color Yellow:

  • activity
  • aspiration
  • alertness
  • brightness
  • caution
  • communication
  • confidence
  • energy
  • expansion
  • expression
  • extroversion
  • fear
  • forgiveness
  • friendship
  • gaiety
  • happiness
  • idealism
  • ideas
  • imagination
  • intelligence
  • innovation
  • inspiration
  • intuition
  • joy
  • knowledge
  • laughter
  • logic
  • light
  • optimism
  • order
  • philosophy
  • playfulness
  • power
  • satisfaction
  • signal
  • spontaneity
  • stimulation
  • summer
  • sunshine
  • thought
  • uncertainty
  • warmth
  • warning
  • wisdom
  • youth

These are all qualities to consider if using this color in the media. I’ve mostly seen yellow corresponding with happiness and intelligence, especially in commercials and other advertisements. For example, smiley faces and lightbulb ideas. 


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets  which is basically a style sheet language made up of code used to describe the presentation of a document, linked to HTML.

CSS is responsible for the design of a webpage, such as colors, fonts, spacing, background, images, borders, and so on.

CSS helps XHTML recognize the visual aspects and changes being added to a webpage. XHTML describes the writing in the document while CSS controls the layout. Information that is displayed on the page such as titles and body content is done through XHTML. CSS makes the writing look more visually pleasing instead of a block of words on a page. 


XHTML stands for EXtensible HyperText Markup Language, a code that makes up the content of a webpage including audio and visual aspects such as pictures, links, captions, videos etc. Tags determine how and where these aspects are placed on a page. The differences between XHTML and HTML are slender. HTML was the foundation for coding but wasn’t compatible with all internet devices.

 XHTML was created to structure, store, and transport information with a uniform code that’s more accessible. 

XHTML Resources

Here are a few resources I found on the Internet. Most of them have definitions, models, examples, overviews and in depth explanations.

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(Source: http)